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Free Estimates

No risk, free estimates are provided for all inquiries. We also provide fast ballpark quotes, in about one day, for larger projects to let you know where you stand in as short a time as possible.

Statement of Work

Everything we do for you at The Reactor Works will be put in writing beforehand. We will build your written statement of work and present it to you for sign off before any work begins. You always know in plain English what you’re getting and how much it’s going to cost.


We can provide answers to questions in your project based on the 100’s of successful ecommerce engagements over the years. We always look to define the questions ahead of time in writing in the written scope of work. Our consultations are focused and to the point.


Our team consists of Loaded Commerce senior developers and experience Loaded Commerce community members as well as the Founder of Loaded Commerce. We execute the tasks in the written scope of work with an eye on the clock. Most of our customers need their solutions sooner than later and everyday costs them money. Our code uses best of class methods with strict adherence to the Loaded Commerce code framework. We always program customization to use  the VQMod add-on framework, so your customizations are udpate proof and compatible with other modules or customizations, even on overlapping pages.

Quality Assurance

We can provide full QA process for your project to ensure that every specified use case is functional. We have years of QA experience working with agile and mission critical deployments. We write up test cases that correspond with the development task organize test runs for each deployment. With our QA services you can rest assured your project will function as designed for your customers and staff.


Every project is managed online with our collaborative tools. You will see each task get started and completed. You will be able to post comments directly to the programmer working on your project as well as receive email notifications of updates and issues.


We stand behind our work. At any time after a project is completed and there are any issues with its functionality. We will step in and correct it free of charge. As long as the code has not been modified and the functionality is described in the written scope of work, it’s covered. Forever.

No matter what I throw at them, they can do it. They always give me a fair price.

Gary Austin, The Penguy

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